Get People Talking

Bring your community together with semi-private conversations

Regular Scheduled Gatherings

Every healthy community has regular times when everyone comes together, whether it's your annual conference, your weekly church service, or your monthly book club.

Talkbeat is a place for regular scheduled gatherings.

Everyone Has their Own Room

At an in person gathering like a conference or a party, the real magic comes from small-group conversations.

Talkbeat makes it easy to start small conversations. Each person has their own room, in which they can write posts about whatever they are thinking about. Other people interested in talking to you can come to your room and join in the conversation.

Conversations without Chaos

In real life, large conversations need to have a moderator to avoid them being dominated by the loudest voices. But if the same person moderates all conversations then minority voices might not get heard.

In Talkbeat, everyone is the moderator of their own room. Anyone can submit a message to your room, but you decide what gets seen.

Some things are best said privately

In real life, arguments are usually best settled in private, rather than by performing in front of an audience.

In Talkbeat, you can whisper a message to someone else in the same room so that only they can hear.

Try it Yourself Now

Create your own Talkbeat gathering, or attend Talkbeat Office Hours on Tuesdays at 8pm Pacific Time.

Talkbeat is a product of Talkful, Inc.